2015 Sponsors

Preparations for the 10th Annual Portneuf Valley Bike to Work Employee Challenge are underway.  The Employee Challenge encourages people to use alternative forms of transportation to work and for other activities during the month of May.    While bicycling is the most common alternative form of transportation used, many people in the past have walked, carpooled or taken public transportation.  

More than 100 businesses and over 600 individuals participated in the 9th Annual Portneuf Valley Bike to Work month.  We also had a lot of kids from our community come out and ride in the Bike Parade.  During the Bike Parade helmets were provided to kids and teens that did not have one.  The Idaho Transportation Department has donated helmets again this year and we will be giving them away at the Bike Parade.

Bannock Transportation Planning Organization promotes and encourages people to bike and walk for their daily activities.  With the help of our sponsors and many volunteers, we have put together a highly visible event demonstrating that alternative forms of transportation, like biking, are a viable and fun way to get to work.

2015 Events

  • May 1, 2015 – Bike to Work Month Kick-off:  Businesses are encouraged to host kick-off events for participants in their company.
  • May 15, 2015 – Bike Parade:  Kids and adults can dress up their bikes and ride down Main Street.
  • May 30, 2015 – Tour de Inkom:  This Saturday event is a great ride to Inkom and back.
  • Employee Challenge – Commit to using an alternative form of transportation to work at least 60% of the time during May.

2015 Sponsors

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