Employee Challenge

Better Health, Cleaner Air & Cash in your Pocket

Rack up just three hours of riding time a week and you can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Motorized vehicles are responsible for 70% of the carbon monoxide, 45% of the nitrogen dioxide and 34% of the hydrocarbons produced.

The average annual price of keeping an automobile running is $6,890 (source: AAA).

Now is the time to sign up for Bike to Work month and prepare to participate in our scheduled events.

All Participants will receive a Bike to Work T-Shirt

Participants who complete the challenge (bike, walk, carpool or use transit to get to work 60% of the time) will be entered into a drawing for great prizes!

Bike to Work month provides an excellent opportunity for companies to encourage employees to use alternative transportation. If your company or organization would like to participate in the Portneuf Valley Bike to Work challenge sign up using our online Employee Challenge Registration & Tracking System.

Employee Challenge participants are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. The goal is to use alternative transportation 2-3 times per week (60%). Each business can designate a “pickup” person who will be responsible for picking up the t-shirts for group participants.

The prize drawing will be held the first week of June.

Employees and groups will be able to track their participation by using the online registration & tracking system. For additional information please contact Mori Byington at mori@bannockplanning.org or 233-9322.